Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Move your bank alts to Exodar! (or Undercity/Silvermoon)

Still level 14, but fighting back
Great News: The Final Phase of the Elemental Invasion has begun!

Wicked cults unleash havoc on Kalimdor and the Eastern Kingdoms, and while lots of innocents are dying around you and the elements themselves are rebelling  against the once great dominion of Mortals... The thing that really makes you mad is that all of this makes all mailbox and bankers/auctioneers despawn in the cities of Stormwind/Orgrimmar and Ironforge/Thunderbluff.

Trying to hide
At first I laughed at my problem, and found the people complaining in trade chat quite annoying (but at that time I was killing the elementals, not checking the AH). When I found myself for the fifth time in the middle of an invasion (in just two days), I started to feel the problem...
But complaining doesn't help you: the best thing is to evacuate! 
For Alliance characters I suggest Exodar, since Bank and Auction House are closer than in the impossible city of the Night Elves. I'm not sure about what is better Horde side, I'll check tomorrow.


  1. Silvermoon is pretty good, both their AH and Bank locations are pretty close together and there usually isn’t much activity.

    I normally have my banker's in the least populated cities, just because it’s annoying when an opposing faction’s raid runs through town killing the Auctioneers

  2. Undercity has always been my favorite place for bank toons. Once you get downstairs, the geography is pleasantly straightforward, with the bankers all right in the middle, and auctioneers (all with mailboxes beside them) in every direction. It's is also the only Horde city where you can be a drive-thru banker--even though it's one big cavernous fortress, no area of UC (AFAIK) counts as "inside" and dismounts you. You can stay on your mount constantly while you run from AH to bank and back. (Thunder Bluff has the auctioneers and guild bank in open air, but personal bank access is still in a building. Orgrimmar and Silvermoon have all bankers and auctioneers inside.)

  3. Thanks to both of you for all these informations! I'm finding both cities really good for my banker ^_^

    @Incindia: I usually do the opposite, in three years I never had any problem with raids from the opposing faction (Auctioneers were killed just once in my presence, some days ago, but it caused more amusement that anything, because there were just two guys from the horde and they were actually surviving!) and in high-populated cities trades agreed in the trade chat and not on the AH are slightly faster.
    I suppose it really depends on how things work in the single server!

  4. It happens a lot to my server, it seemed that when I was in Stormwind, anytime I would login a Horde Raid would be descending upon us - killing all the Auctioneer's in sight. One day I moved from SW to IF, just in time to see a second horde raid kill them in IF.

    I logged out after that...