Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Some toughts about the [Razzashi Hatchling]

As most of you will probably know by now, the [Razzashi Hatchling] will remain in game.
Actually, most blogs didn't share the news. The first one to do so (at least, of those that I know) was Acadia's blog (the article is here), just one day after the blue post which confirmed this. Afterwards, we can see the news on some forums and on  http://warcraftpets.com.

I saw directly the news from mmo-champion's blue-tracker, but I could manage to just sell one of my [Razzashi Hatchling] before the news spread on my server. While I was trying to sell these now-not-so-profitable beauties (I'll keep one to learn, anyway) I was really hoping that JMTC wouldn't publicly announce the survival of the [Razzashi Hatchling], since I know that in my server there are people following Markco's blog (most changes in the market can be conducted to one of his posts... You wouldn't belive how much the price of [Adamantite Ore] rose after one of his posts).

The funny (sad for me) thing is that I was waiting just one week more to sell one of my [Razzashi Hatchling]! Since Blizzard didn't deny completely that the Hatchling could return, I wanted to sell one just before Cataclysm, hoping to find someone who didn't manage to farm it (or who wanted another one to flip six months after).
Which brings me to the argument of the next post*

Now, there are lot of reason for which lots of blogs didn't immediately alert their followers: some bloggers probably didn't see the blue post until this was common knowledge and didn't wanted to share old news, some could have decided to wait to help the "most aware" (and maybe themselves) to silently sell their [Razzashi Hatchling] in the first hours after the announcement, others maybe had other things to write about and didn't care about spreading a news that was already on internet. The important thing is that you should always check every possible source of information if you don't want to miss something.

*Edit: I divided this post in two different posts (adding some content to both in the process) for easiness of reading.

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