Sunday, 30 January 2011

Gaining without (nearly) logging in

Hi! This post is my entry for this month  WoW Gold Blog Carnival. This month we have a great topic: "How would you make gold if you had limited play time?", so let's start!

Let's take a look at some professions

What surely won't work:
First of all, having limited play time, IMHO, excludes Inscription almost completely. You won't be able to make glyph and re-post them efficiently when you get undercut if you can't log in several times a day or for long periods of time.
What could work:
There could still be two things you can do, depending on your server:

  • Darkmoon Cards: That's quite obvious. It has a great number of advantages: the cards are random, so people can't just make more to keep undercutting you. Even if someone undercuts you, they will do so with just one card. If you can't sell singles, decks sell great during the Darkmoon Fair, since there is not so many people getting into the trouble of creating a full deck, so there are usually very few of them.
    The only problem is that 1 out of 4 you'll get cards "of Stones" which don't sell very well.
  • [Mysterious Fortune Card]: This is a bit tricky. Normally it takes a lot of barking to sell these cards well, as Cold said in a lot of post in his Cold's Gold Factory (I'm not linking them all, since they're a bit out of topic... But you'll find some of them in his "Top 10 Popular Posts" sidebar). But if the gambling craziness has already taken your server, you could probably sell some just putting them on the AH and leaving. Start with small amount to check how this could go.

What surely won't work: Prospecting to cut and vendor IS time consuming. So pay attention to the amount of ores you buy. Prospecting is still a great way of making money in no time when raw gems sell well.
Even creating jewelcrafting items and disenchanting could be quite time consuming, but you should still do it for [Carnelian Spikes].
What works: Remember that you don't have to cut and vendor instantly. If you think that in some weeks you'll have more time to play, you could still prospect to get the mats you need and put somewhere.
Things you can still do:
What surely won't work: Scrolls are still selling for really low prices so, no matter the amount of time, you won't be making money from this.
What works: Disenchant. Create [Carnelian Spikes] if you're a Jewelcrafter, otherwise check your AH to look for green items to disenchant. This won't take long, and will net you some good profit totally risk-free on most servers. You're not assured of finding those greens, but it's not an hard work checking.

The only not time-consuming thing you can do with mining in smelting Hardened Elementium Bars, and it can easily become time-consuming if you have to smelt [Elementium Ore] into [Elementium Bar]. However, this is an activity your character can do alone even without any add-on or macro, so if you can run the game on a computer while you're doing something else you will be fine.
Just check [Hardened Elementium Bar] are profitable on your server.

Just remember to do your transmutes every day.
Check the AH to see if there are potions/elixirs that can be made for a gain. In my server [Mythical Mana Potion] and, to a lesser extent, [Mythical Healing Potion], are good sellers.

Without needing any profession:
Well, there are basically two things you can do without any profession involved:

  • Flip items on the AH:
    Make yourself a good snatch list, if you already don't have it. The Consortium Forum is a great source of good advices about snatch lists. Don't stop at the post with their suggested Snatch List, but roam around in the forums... It's full of very useful things.
    Another thing you could do, if you have the money to invest in it, is slowly buying Darkmoon cards at the AH when they're cheap and then sell the complete decks (if you buy when there isn't the Darkmoon Fair, and sell the decks when it's there, you'll surely make a profit). Avoid the [Earthquake Deck] (->[Darkmoon Card: Earthquake]) (so cards "of stones"), since most tanks who needed it already have it. Prices are now half what they were two weeks ago, and are still going down.
  • Flip items bought from NPCs:
    People could think this isn't very appropriate if you don't have time to travel around, but they're wrong. You just need an alt parked near some vendors, ready to buy their goods when needed.  Now that Dalaran is totally empty anything sold just from those vendors sells great at the AH.

Now, if you are looking other ways to make money without investiong too much playtime in it, check this month WoW Gold Blog Carnival* hosted by Just My Two Copper: you'll surely find lots of useful information to get rich or richer come Cataclysm!

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You can also see the Best of December post!

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Saturday, 29 January 2011

Blizzard realized the new Fishing Quests were useless

From the PTR 4.0.6 Patch Notes:
  • Rare fishing poles now have a chance to be found in the Bag of Fishing Treasures earned via the Stormwind and Orgrimmar Fishing daily quests.

Will this be enough to make the quest worth the time it takes?
Well, I don't think we have the informations to know it for sure. Some people are saying the two poles will simply be the [Bone Fishing Pole] and the [Jeweled Fishing Pole], which I would find strange and disappointing, since anyone serious about fishing has already one of those or the [Mastercraft Kalu'ak Fishing Pole], which is obtained just by a rep-grind many people have already done before Cataclysm and that is surely better.
And the poles they'll have to put on those [Bag of Fishing Treasures] will better be really good, otherwise they won't still be enough. The old [Bag of Fishing Treasures], obtained from the Dalaran fishing dailies could contain lots of useful things and some high-vendor-price grays, while the [Bag of Fishing Treasures] we have today contains at best a gray item with a selling value of 18g.
My hope is that Blizzard will go further buffing the [Bag of Fishing Treasures], putting in there some other useful items and increasing the average value of the grays it holds...
This quests aren't "gold-making" quests, but it would be good having something to avoid the feeling of wasting you're time when you do it. 

Probably the biggest problem Blizzard is facing, is that [Bag of Fishing Treasures] is easily obtainable at nearly every character level (except maybe for one Alliance quest which is done quite near some lvl 85 sharks... I'm not sure if there is an Horde equivalent... Please tell me if you know!), so they didn't want to put any big reward in it. I don't know why they made it this way. Even if they wanted fishing quest lowbies could do, couldn't they put two different quests rewards, depending on character level? Or two different quests, one with an higher level-requirement, made for high-level characters?

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Friday, 28 January 2011

Best of the Month Carnival and JMTC

You thought I wouldn't come back? You were wrong!
I'm really sorry, but I really couldn't post anything in the past few days... These months are full of exams at my University, and I totally stopped living to better prepare for them!
I'm still really busy, but I'll try to start writing again.

What really gave me a shock was finding JMTC's Marcko talking about the Best of the Month Carnival in is last post... Even if without link, I'm quite sure he's talking about my "best of the month" ^_^
(well, maybe also about those of something else... if you host something similar, please comment this post with a link! I love this kind of things!)
So, today I'm just posting a brief reminder about the "Best of the Month Blogging Carnival" I'm holding this January. You have time until the 4th of February to send me your entries. You just need to choose your favorite post from this month (or make one, you still have a few days) edit it so it links to the page of the Best of the Month Blogging  Carnival and then send me an e-mail with a link to your post.
I'll post everything you send me on February the fifth... If you want to see how it went last month, here there is the Best of December.

See you tomorrow!

Saturday, 22 January 2011

Selling Obsidium Bars

As you have seen if you read my post "What should I do?", I'm trying to get rid of a great amount of [Obsidium Ore] and related uncommon gems...
My server (or at least my faction on my server), as a great number of gold-farmers selling [Obsidium Ore] at less than what I call the Magic price for Obsidium Ore... i.e. the amount of gold you would make cutting the uncommon gems and selling them at the vendor (you usually make more gold than that just putting them raw on the AH).
I actually buy only when the price of [Obsidium Ore] is less than 40g a stack, and I still have too much Ores to sell everything I can make from them.

Well, something I found is going very well is selling [Obsidium Bar].
I'm actually putting them at 185g a stack and they actually sell very well... This seemed a bit strange to me, but I've been doing this for nearly a week without a great deal of competition. I checked the horde-side of my server, where there are less farmers, and there the prices for [Obsidium Bar] are a lot closer to what you need to make them.
I suppose that [Obsidium Bar] are selling well on my side of the server thanks to the gold-farmers: lots of players get tired of mining, since the competition was too hard for them... And they just forgot totally about that profession (or learned another one in its place) and so they're not smelting [Obsidium Bar].

This makes this knowledge very server-related, I know... But if your server is full of gold-farmers you should want to check if miners have stopped smelting [Obsidium Bar] (and maybe also [Elementium Bar] and[Hardened Elementium Bar]... Some time ago I made a post about selling Hardened Elementium Bars). I sell at least 10-15 stacks every day. Each one costs me less than 80g, and I price them all at 185g (even if there are some at less than that price... Usually there are so few  [Obsidium Bar] that people start to buy mine in a brief time... Also because I'm the only one selling stacks and not singles).

What I like more in all of this is that... Well, smelting takes a lot less effort and thinking than prospecting! I just put my miner near a forge and go to do something else. When I come back I don't have 12 different kind items which I should sometime cut, sometime sell raw, sometime cut and vendor. I just have a good number of stacks of something I can immediately put in the AH! This cannot be done in all servers, but it's great if you can.

Thursday, 20 January 2011

Off-Topic: How an idiot ruined my day (and probably more than one)

They are depriving some village of its idiot. 

I'm sorry, but I'm not going to make a gold-related post today, since I'm too angry for what just happened to me.
I had an exam (I'm studying Physics at the University, I won't say which one), a stupid exam of Analysis. I already passed all the physics related exams, and I need to give very few exams before I can get my bachelor degree.

In the same room people where giving two different, but very similar, exams (two questions out of three were identical... they basically are the old and the new version of the same course). The professor gave to each of us 3 exercises, asking to each one what exam he/she was going to do. I clearly stated what exam I needed, but he mistakenly gave me the wrong exercise.

I didn't notice it, since there is no clear way to see the difference between the two.
It was a "strange" exercise for the course, and I was quite sure the thing that was asked in that exercise wasn't in the course... But since my professor isn't the sharpest knife in the drawer, it would not be the first time he adds something we never done in one of his exams... And you can't make him reason about it.

So I stupidly tried to do the exercise (It was something I had done in another course, some years ago... quite rusty in my mind, but with some time I was sure I could do it) before finding the official... uhmmm... "program of the course"? "list of subject of the course"? I don't know how it is called in English. I had printed it in a flash of genius exactly to contest problems like that.
This happens after one hour and an half (I did part of the other two exercises in the meantime). The total time we had were three hours.
I suppose I lost half an hour because of this error the prof. made.

I finally get the real problem I had to solve, and I do it fast. I get back to the other two, and things go quite well... But I'm a bit late with everything. In the last minutes of the exam I ask him if I can get 10 minutes more, since I lost time due to his mistake.
And... He actually didn't understand what I was asking.
He told me "all the other students are giving the completed exams now, it cannot advantage you over them giving you other ten minutes" (well, this is a bit of stretch in the translation... the actual words were more like a mumbled "there are also the other students", but the meaning was this). I tried to explain again, but he was clueless. I didn't get my ten minutes.
Afterwards, in the same instant I got out of the room, I realized that in the last minute of the exam I made a mistake because I hadn't the time to double-check part of the text (I remembered a vector wrong... It was written (-1,1), I wrote (1,-1)). This error alone will count a lot on my final mark, since it led me to wrong results.

Now, this is it.
Let me just rant a little more about this poster child for birth control, so you'll see how he actually is just one IQ point above brain death.
Our University asks to all professor to fill some paper about their course, which then gets published on the website of the University. Things like the office number, the subjects touched by their course, the hours in which it will take place...
One of the question is "What are the expected learning results of the course?"
The answer should be a concise summary of the subjects, pointing out the more important ("The students will learn how to do <this> and <that> and will know about the existence of <this other thing>"). My prof answered:

Ah, I must admit that writing this post I used a lot this "Not too Bright List", which I found googling "sharpest knife in the drawer" (I wanted to be sure to say that right)... It's quite funny, go see yourself.

Wednesday, 19 January 2011

What should I do?

I'm not quite sure of how much [Obsidium Ore] I have. In the last few days I've bought it only when it was selling for less than 45g, but that's still a lot of stacks.

I can't prospect fast enough to empty my mail, and I can't sell or craft/disenchant fast enough to get rid of the gems I prospect. I think I'll make some kind of "craft and vendor" feast (I already cut and vendored some of my gems, actually... but not a lot of the,. I guess less than 100), the problem is that this takes time and I need to watch the process, since cut gems don't stack and fill my bag quite fast.

You can see in this image the gems I cut in the last two days. You can notice [Hessonite] and [Zephyrite]s are slightly less than the others, this is because I've crafted/disenchanted a lot of them... But since I don't want to flood the AH of enchanting mats, I've something like 120 Greater Celestial Essence in my bag, trying to sell them a few at a time (soon I'll stop trying this and just put everything on the market). Prices for [Jasper], [Alicite] and [Zephyrite] are ~9g, so the auction house cut doesn't make it worth to try to sell them (except, in the case of [Jasper] and [Zephyrite], when there is the daily... But I think that by then I'll have too much of them to sell everything). The price of Hypnotic Dust is now ~10g and lowering, so crafting [Alicite Pendant] isn't an option.

I decided to use the [Hessonite] I have also to do a little experiment (which may or may not involve also [Nightstone])... Since I'm obviously using them to make [Hessonite Band], I decided to write down everything I get from them, so I'll have some good statistics of the blue procs and the quantity of mats made disenchanting the greens. I know that similar things have already been done, but it doesn't hurt to bring some other data. For now I crafted 155 of them, getting 17 blue rings. I could also try to sell them raw, since they're one of the few gems selling for more than 9g, but I prefer to get my numbers.
Do you have any creative idea of what to do with the gems and/or the [Obsidium Ore]?
All my [Alicite] are going to be cut and vendored, and the same goes for [Zephyrite] and [Jasper] gems.
I've tried to cut them in "rare" cut learned only from recipes and not from the trainer, with mixed results: [Stormy Zephyrite] sold well for some time, especially perfect ones. Have you seen any of this recipe-learned cut selling well on your server? Do you want me to try some of them?

(I should also find a way to get rid of [Elementium Ore]. There are hundreds stack at 44g each in the AH right now, and everything I do can't make them disappear... someone is simply posting more of them.
Since now I have had great results selling Hardened Elementium Bars, but I'd be more happy if I could diversify, and my BS isn't yet at level 84)

Lifebound Alchemist Stones can no longer be disenchanted!

I was waking up, going to study when I see on the phone the news:

Alchemist's stone is no longer disenchantable

I talked about this as a possibility just yesterday, and here the hotfixes today.
ALTOs Gold"ish" Advice has also reported the news, and I suggest you go to his site to check the other hotfixes in his post Jan 18 Hotfixes and How They Affect You.
Also Zoxy wrote about this before me (well, I suppose that is a time zone thing... I was in deep sleep when Zoxy's post about the hotfixes was published).

Ok, now that I've made my duty regarding the blog, let's go back to the books... Remember to buy all the  [Maelstrom Crystal] you can if their price went down thanks to the alchemists doing this. I'll update my previous post later.

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Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Alchemists and 4.0.6

Well, it seems I'm truly committed to commenting the 4.0.6 PTR patch notes... Today, let's talk about Alchemy.
The patch notes are the following:
  • Alchemist's Stones for Agility, Strength, and Intellect have been added.
  • The number of herbs required to create flasks has been reduced, while the Volatile Life needed has been increased slightly.
  • The drops from [Tiny Treasure Chest] have been improved slightly.
So let's comment them one by one:

New Alchemist's stones
These stones are obviously great trinkets for any Alchemist, now covering every role the character could take.
Lets look at them in more detail:

mats: 50x[Volatile Life], 24x[Cinderbloom], 12x[Heartblossom]
mats: 50x[Volatile Life], 12x[Cinderbloom], 24x[Heartblossom]
mats: 50x[Volatile Life], 8x[Cinderbloom], 20x[Azshara's Veil], 8x[Heartblossom]

But there is also an hidden change regarding them...
Important Note: it seems these new Alchemist's Stones will not be disenchantable as it is now for the only one in game... And I can't see them leaving it disenchantable for long. This means that toons with Alchemy/Enchanting won't be able anymore to produce tons of [Maelstrom Crystal]. THIS IS NOT A SURE CHANGE! Actually, wowhead says the opposite: that those items are Disenchantable at 475 instead of 500. I'll update this post when I find something sure about it.

Quick recap if you don't know how having Alchemy/Enchanting on the same character can give you as many cheap [Maelstrom Crystal] as you like:
Starting from 500 skill level in alchemy, you can create [Lifebound Alchemist Stone], for mats quite similar to those the new Alchemist's Stones will need... Summing them all, in most server you need ~800g or less to create one.
Starting from 500 skill level in enchanting, you can disenchant [Lifebound Alchemist Stone]. Since it's BoP you need to have the two professions on the same character, but any level 75+ alt is potentially able to do this.
Since [Maelstrom Crystal] can easily sell for ~2k, this is a great way to gain lots of gold.

Lots of people have made tons of golds thanks to this trick, and they probably lowered the price of [Maelstrom Crystal] on your server... Soon this source of [Maelstrom Crystal] could (we don't know for sure) disappear. This could probably make their price grow once 4.0.6 goes live... so, if this doesn't reduce your liquidity too much, they can be a good investment right now: If you're an Alchemists/Enchanter try to make some [Maelstrom Crystal] for when you won't be able to produce them so easily... If you're a normal goblin with some gold to spend, see if you can buy some [Maelstrom Crystal] for "cheap" now.

Reduction of the herbs required to create flasks
This change is quite interesting... Before discussing it, let's see it in more detail:
For now, all flasks had their reagents requirements changed and now requires 8 Volatile Life (up from 6) and 8 of each Herb (down from 12)... As always these could not be what will go live, we're still in PTR. Here is what you get with this change:

[Flask of Titanic Strength]
mats: 8x[Volatile Life], 8x[Cinderbloom], 8x[Whiptail], Crystal Vial

[Flask of the Winds]
mats: 8x[Volatile Life], 8x[Azshara's Veil], 8x[Whiptail], Crystal Vial

[Flask of the Draconic Mind]
mats: 8x[Volatile Life], 8x[Azshara's Veil], 8x[Twilight Jasmine], Crystal Vial

[Flask of Flowing Water]
mats: 8x[Volatile Life], 8x[Stormvine], 8x[Heartblossom], Crystal Vial

[Flask of Steelskin]
mats: 8x[Volatile Life], 8x[Cinderbloom], 8x[Twilight Jasmine], Crystal Vial

Every time blizzard makes changes in the materials required for largely used recipes, you can obviously expect to see something happening in the AH... But what will change this time?
Most people would say that, since the demand for herbs will lower, their price will be the most affected by this change. But while it's true that prices are still going down and that the price of herbs could lower in the future, I don't think this change will really affect it.
Well, it could be different on your server, but in mine the demand for herbs mainly comes from scribes, and not from people making any sort of flask. This is even more evident during the Darkmoon fair, when some of the herbs nearly disappear from the market while scribes try their fortune hoping to get some really valuable card.
Until Darkmoon Fair's carts will be priced above 2-3k, you won't see the price in herbs drop.
Don't get me wrong: price in herbs will still drop a little, in time... People will start to buy less glyph, having everything they need for their mains and their alts, they'll get some epic trinket and stop buying the cards... demands will lower even for scribe-related goods... In time.
What will change when less herbs will be required to make flask, then? Well, the price of the flask!
So, you don't have any reason left not to sell your flasks while you can: raiding guild now raid and they need them. When this change goes live, prices on flasks will go abruptly down!
This won't hurt you if you're an alchemist... You will need less money to make them, so you can afford selling them more cheaply (actually, this could even be good for your business: people will be more eager to buy flasks and spam them if they're cheap enough), but you shouldn't make more potion than those you sell. Avoid having potion lefts when this change hits the live server (you still have some weeks, so don't stop production).

Drop rates from Tiny Treasure Chest
What is a [Tiny Treasure Chest]?
If you're wondering this, than you probably haven't read my post about Potion of Treasure Finding, which explains the way this [Tiny Treasure Chest] are found and why are they a great way to make money.
The increase in the drops from& [Tiny Treasure Chest] will make this potion even more valuable, so you should really start to think about it (if you're not a regular user already)

(now let me run to hear the news on the television... something amazing is happening here in Italy)

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Monday, 17 January 2011

Simple Great tips for young Goblins

This post is part of the Cold's Gold Blogging Carnival of this month. From February the 11th you can check this page to look for other posts about great tips to begin doing some real gold.

This are the advices I value the most, and you should really do your best to follow them.

Buy from the middle
When you're buying what you need for your usual crafts you buy the cheapest mats on the AH? Well, sir, you're probably doing the wrong thing! 
Buy buying everything under a certain threshold you're not allowing the prices to go down further. If you leave some cheap mats the odds are that some other gatherer will undercut blindly the AH, lowering the prices even more. As I said in my post about at which prices you can buy Obsidium Ore being sure you'll gain gold, it sometimes happens that farmers (bot or not) start undercutting each other wildly. Even when [Obsidium Ore] goes to 44g a stack, you should leave 5 stacks in the AH so that they can be undercut, even if it means buying stacks that are selling for 1-2g more.
This is true for any kind of mat... And you now the coolest think of this trick? The more people knows about it, the more you'll gain from it! Because there will ever be someone trying to sell raw mats undercutting his competitors, so higher number of crafters that follow this simple rule = higher odds that someone will undercut the last farmer before his last stack of mats sells.

Pay attention to the bids!
Lots of people don't really consider the bid prices of items, since most of the time players are on a hurry and will buyout everything they need. But you should pay attention to two things about bids in the AH:

  • Profit opportunity

This is quite obvious: you should always check if you can see things with very low bids compared to their usual price... And remember that during the downtime in the maintenance day (Tuesday in US-servers, Wednesday in the EU ones) auctions still expire. So it's a great idea to do this on Tuesday night, since people will have less time (or none at all) to bid higher.

  • Risk of a loss
When undercutting you could tempted to check with more attention the buyout price than the minimum bid... This is a potential way to loose a lot of money if someone is doing what I just suggested to you and buys the item before you notice the error of your ways... So try to pay attention to everything.

Try Cross-Faction trading
This is great and very simple to do if you have two accounts, but a trusted friend is enough to make some big profits without much of an effort.
You should start just trading from one side to the other faction specific items (like the pets of the various races). While you're doing this, scan the AH of your opposing faction (and obviously your AH, but you should already be doing this) and go through it until you have a good amount of data and a clear idea of the differences between the two factions markets. Instead of using the neutral AH to transfer gold to your cross-faction alt, give him the pets specific of your faction.
You can sell this faction pets, each bought for just a few silvers, for several golds... 15g if you have a strong competition, but even 60g each if you're the only one posting them... So while your learning the opposite faction's AH, you'll make the gold you need to start buying from it selling these pets.

Sunday, 16 January 2011

Engineers won't need Volatile Air anymore

Well, actually they will still need some [Volatile Air], but a lot less than now.
Look at this:

What is [Electrified Ether]?
Well, it actually is the way Engineers use [Volatile Air]: they transform their [Volatile Air] in[Electrified Ether] at an exchange ratio of 2:1 (for 2x[Volatile Air] they get 1x[Electrified Ether]) and than they use the [Electrified Ether] in their recipes... A lot of them.
Actually, most of their recipes need at least 2x[Electrified Ether]. Right now they need:
Also the [Loot-A-Rang] and the [High-Powered Bolt Gun] need some [Electrified Ether] (5x and 4x respectively), but I don't know how many of these are being made.
Anyway, it seems to me that [Volatile Air] were needed for a lot of things, and now for the same things Engineers will need less than an half of them.
As this wasn't enough, the PTR notes also say:

  • [Volatile Air] now has an increased chance of dropping from rich mining nodes and Pyrite.

Changes in prices
I'm not sure about how much this will affect the price of [Volatile Air], this depends heavily from how great will be the buff at their drop from rich mining nodes and nodes of Pyrite. Even with the changes made at Engineering there still are lots of untouched professions that will still need [Volatile Air]... Anyway, I'm quite sure we'll see a drop in price once 4.0.6 will hit the live servers.
What I can say for sure, though is that the prices for the Engineering pets, De-Weaponized Mechanical Companion and Personal World Destroyer, will go down by at least 320g, requiring 8-12 x Volatile Air less than now.

Other engineering changes
It makes sense to quickly comment the other changes that will probably (remember: all of this is still just for the PTR) be made to Engineering:

  • The [Heat-Treated Spinning Lure] buff duration has been increased to 20 minutes, up from 5. In addition, the recipe now creates 2 at a time.
  • [Synapse Springs] now increase Agility, Strength, or Intellect (whichever is highest for the character).
The first is more a buff to fishing than to Engineering, but surely a pleasant one for a lot of people. I don't know how will this sell, but since the amount created is doubled they could become a really cheap thing to craft you could be able to sell for some money.
The change to [Synapse Springs] makes them useful for everyone and not just for spellcasters. Will this lower the price on other gloves enchants? Well, I con't think you should be afraid of the lowering of the demand for gloves enchants: lots of people still don't have engineering on their main (I'm one of those, actually) and this isn't even something you can learn from a trainer! [Synapse Springs] works very similar to Alchemy discoveries: you can learn it randomly while crafting other Cataclysm Engineering items.
It's even possible that some of the less-informed engineers out there don't know about this and aren't trying to get it, since this isn't such a usual mechanic for engineering.

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Saturday, 15 January 2011

New Enchanting Recipes

Today (well, actually two days ago, but I had some problems posting) I want to talk about the new Enchanting recipes that will be added to the game.

Here the news:
  • Three new enchants are available. They increase Agility by 50, Strength by 50, or Intellect by 50 respectively. Item level 300 or higher required. These new recipes are rare world drops.
  • Enchant Off-Handed - Superior Intellect now increases Intellect by 40
In this post I'll focus more on the first, but I thought it would be better to comment all the news regarding Enchanting in the same place.

The bracer enchants:
We can see the enchants with some more detail:

Enchant Bracer - Agility - Permanently enchant bracers to increase Agility by 50. Requires a level 300 or higher item.
Reagents: [Hypnotic Dust] x 12, [Maelstrom Crystal] x 2, [Volatile Air] x 15

Enchant Bracer - Major Strength - Permanently enchant bracers to increase Strength by 50. Requires a level 300 or higher item.
Reagents: [Hypnotic Dust] x 6, [Maelstrom Crystal] x 2, [Volatile Earth] x 25

Enchant Bracer - Mighty Intellect - Permanently enchant bracers to increase Intellect by 50. Requires a level 300 or higher item.
Reagents: [Hypnotic Dust] x 4, [Greater Celestial Essence] x 4, [Maelstrom Crystal] x 2, [Volatile Water] x 15

So they all are real high-level enchantment, with some really expensive mats. People will want to put this only on BiS items, which aren't easy to acquire. To this you should add that leatherworkes will want to enchant their bracer with their own Draconic Embossments, so you're loosing another bit of your audience just for that.
How are those worth for gold-making, then?
Well, we don't know yet the drop rates for these recipes, but the important thing is exactly the fact that these aren't learned from you trainer for some shard, but could actually be rare. I can see two scenarios:

  • The "rare" recipes are actually rare
The demand for this enchants will still be limited, but also the supply.
If you get one you'll be able to make some good profits especially in the first days/weeks (depending on the rarity)... Having some good raiding guilds in your server could drive the demand high enough to give you some really good profits, while in a young server with few raiding guilds you could just score few lucky sells.
These profits will lower while new recipes drops, but if you're fast you will already have made a good deal of gold. After a good number of enchanters has the recipe, you'll end up in the following scenario, as if the recipes weren't really a rare drop.
  • The "rare" recipes are common
If the recipes ends up dropping too well, you'll soon have too much competition than you want. Some guilds will even directly use their enchanters without any mats/gold going out of the guild (this will most likely happen in guilds that keeps the [Maelstrom Crystal] made during guild run). You won't be doing a lot of gold with this recipes right now, but you could still start doing some good profits when people start to gear from the second tier of raids: then [Maelstrom Crystal] will become cheaper, and most people will be able to buy the enchant.

Another thing to consider: high-end guild on your server
As you can see from the previous scenarios, having High-end guilds on your server could change things quite a bit. It's your duty to know what kind of player inhabits your server and which are its top guilds. If you're friend of some of the player of a big raiding guild you could check if they have an enchanter with these recipes, and in case they haven't one (and you are one), you can offer to work for them at a price. This could mean skipping the AH cut and the /2 barking.

The Off-Hand enchant:
It seems that instead of giving a new good enchant for caster staffs, blizzard decided to nerf the too-good Off-Hand enchant.
If you're stockpiling cheap Cataclysm scrolls, stop buying [Enchant Off-Hand - Superior Intellect],unless you want to risk in hope that blizzard changes its mind... but I don't thing this will happen... I strongly advice against that. If you have some of these scrolls, I think you should dump them.
In any case, you now have the informations you needed to make your choice.

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