Sunday, 2 January 2011

Potion of Treasure Finding

I'm seeing lot of questions about [Potion of Treasure Finding] on the net, and I thought it could be a good think to make some sort of recap about it. For those of you that don't know it already, the [Potion of Treasure Finding] give you a chance to get a [Tiny Treasure Chest] when killing mobs in the new level 80+ maps (Vashj'ir, Mount Hyjal, Deepholm, Twilight Highlands, Uldum and Tol Barad (although it doesn't say so in the tooltip))

To make the potions the reagents are:
And the [Tiny Treasure Chest] gives you (data come from wowhead):
  • 2-3g
  • 4-11 [Embersilk Cloth] (83%)
  • 1-3 Volatile elements (8% each, you'll find some kind of volatiles 20% of the times)

How can you know if this is worth your time and money
There are mainly two things you should consider:
  1. The price of Embersilk Cloth and Volatile compared to that of the potions(or herbs needed to make the potions) on your server.
  2. Your ability to kill mobs fast.
As for the first, for now you shouldn't have any problem: in most server those potions are going for 100g, but the prices of Embersilk Cloth and at least some of the kinds of Volatile should be high enough to repay the potion with 3-4 [Tiny Treasure Chest] (counting in some bad luck).
The drop rate of the chest seems to be somewhere about 5%, but wowhead doesn't have good data because it makes the drop percentage both from people killing mobs without using the potion and from people under the effect of the potion... The 5% drop rate is what users are reporting.
This means you'll need to kill a good number of mobs too have some profit, so here it comes your ability to kill mobs fast. Classes capable of good AoE farming, like mages, will be the ones which will gain the most from this potion, but you should start to go on-par if you're thinking you'll be killing more than 100 mobs in the hour you'll be farming with the potion.... This should be easy for you to know.

How to best use it
The potion is best used when you're already going to farm some mobs, not while questing or doing dungeons. A good advice is choose the mob you'll kill based on both the number of mobs you think you'll be able to kill in an hour and the usefulness of their normal drops: if the mobs your farming are already worth farming by their own, without using the potion, then you'll actually gain more from your efforts. However, if you're going to kill some crappy mobs that drop just some grays, you could probably gain more from other activities.

A basic macro to use the chest without having to search for them in your bag is:
/use Tiny Treasure Chest
I highly advise you to use this... If you end up with a messy bag as I usually do, this will help you greatly since you'll see quite clearly if you actually have chests to loot (if you don't the button will be darker and unclickable, as for every "use this" macro).

Some other random things worth knowing:

  • The potion is a potion, not a flask or an elixir, so the buff won't last two hours for Alchemist
  • Even if the potion isn't a flask/elixir, its effects do persist trough death (Thanks Vince! ^_^)
  • The drop of the volatiles in each chest is independent: in the same chest you can find volatiles of two (or more) different kinds.
  • The money looted will actually count for the Achievement [Got My Mind On My Money] (I don't know why one should think otherwise, really)

I hope you found this post interesting ^_^
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    1. Just a heads up, the potion actually does persist through death! That should definitely make them more attractive. I'd also imagine this would go great with Skinning. If you're out farming leather, it would be a mistake not to use this potion.

    2. Ops... Thank you for telling me!
      I actually never died while under its effect... I should have checked before posting second-hand informations! I'm correcting the post now.

    3. Great post, Kreaton! I think credit on the potion persistence goes to Vince, though.

    4. lol!
      Vince I'm so sorry!
      Yesterday I must have been in a strange state of mind, making mistakes even while correcting mistakes ^^''''

    5. So last night I checked into this tip, Kreaton, and I was sad to see the only PoTFs were going for 500g each.


    6. Ouch, that's bad :(
      It could be that there is just one or two people crafting them? You could check if someone will craft them for you if you can find the mats cheap enough (I don't know the herb's prices on your server ^^).