Friday, 31 December 2010

Buying to disenchant - Guest post by Mark


I call this no work at all.

Thought with all the good tips I found I could return one.
I play the AH all the time... no life and all that.

And I see tons of new armors, some weapons, that are being flogged
for cheap dump prices. Ever see a tailor make 5-10 of the same item?
They don't want to clutter up their bags with the same item.
These can be listed for 5g to 30+ to clear them.

I happily bid my minimum 5g, and bid on ALL of them up to say 10-12G
With Dust selling for 15-20g on my server, and essences doing similar math,
I can double my profit on each item easily. This tip will change as mat prices come down.
DE all of them

Buy lvl 79 + gear that is the new Cat ranged gear. pay the opening bid and enjoy the profit.
On a side note, buy any new gems, cut or otherwise, that sell for less than 9g... and the vendor
guarantees you a profit.

Its cheap and no work at all.


This is really a nice advice, and you all should check the prices on your server to see from what items you can get the most profit. As I said in my post on what to do with uncommon gems, [Carnelian Spikes] and [Jasper Ring] are easy to make and can be disenchanted for profit, but you don't need to be a Jewelcrafter to gain from this! A lot of people is dumping those and other disenchantable items on the AH!

Just be sure to check wowhead to see how many mats these items will bring you. The average for Carnelian Spikes is 2x[Greater Celestial Essence], but in my server both the Carnelian Spikes and the Greater Celestial Essence cost ~70g, so you can usually double your investment by just buying and disenchanting them.
The same thing can happen for rare (blue) gear, which disenchants in Heavenly Shards: lots of people leveling up their crafting professions dump blue items on the AH at a loss, just to get at least part of their money back. In the meantime, Enchanters (or just people who wants some enchantment) buy the few Heavenly Shards that reach the AH.
Add to this the fact that most people buying green or low item-level gear to level up faster have now reached 85, so the price for these crafted items is really going down, and you'll want to check your AH again just to be sure!

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