Sunday, 12 December 2010

Surviving the Cataclysm

After a long break due to Cataclysm (I was playing every free moment I had), I'm finally back.

I've seen lot of people complaining because they weren't able to sell the goods they stockpiled from Cataclysm... Big mistake, you shouldn't be trying to sell them NOW, but in some months. Obviously you should still check the AH (on my server WotLK enchanting mats have actually risen in price), but the real gain will be in the future, not now.

For today, just some quick tips:
  • Continue to check for [Saronite Ore] on the AH... Yes, you read me well. There is still people dumping it for incredible low prices. In this minute (yes, at the same time I'm writing this) I managed to buy 4 stacks of [Saronite Ore] at less than 8 gold each stack. These apply for all the other WotLK things you've been buying in the past weeks: lots of people decided they didn't wanted WotLK mats only after Cataclysm, and they've panicked out 
  • Check [Pristine Hide] on the AH... There is still not so much people buying them, since they're needed for high-level recipes, so for this first weeks supply is very higher than demand, so it can be very cheaper now than the next month (depending on your server economy... use your head). 
  • If you're leveling Enchanting (the same can apply to other professions), don't sell your scrolls unless you can make a good profit from them. The market is now flooded, keep them for some time. It will take some months before they reach their full price again... It's better to wait than waste money.
Have you found some other craziness in the AH lately?
Some items that you're sure will be more valuable in a month or so, and that now sell for very low prices?

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  1. Good idea re. enchanting - that is well worth waiting on.

    I would go further - it pains me horribly to not have my skill maxed, but the silly money you can make from the dust/essence confusion is too good to miss right now (dust is rare, essence is not). Buy cheap green gear - iLvl 250+ and D/E it.

    Nobody seems to be selling *hardened* elementium either. I'm getting 450g+ per bar for that. You need a maxed miner ofc, but if you don't have that then lots of people who do can be easily bribed to help you out.

    There are other tricks as well, though most boil down to patience re. not being in any hurry to level your trade skills - I have JC, engi, LW & enchanter, but all are sitting around 470 right now 'cause there is simply no profit in getting higher just yet (although there is some easy profit from turning savage leather scraps into leather).

    The one exception is alchemy. I have thrown a lot of money into that because of the elemental transmute. It says it's random:

    but it is not. Go to Uldum (HS in Dala, teleport from violet citadel to caverns of time, short flight) and you are guaranteed volatile air, which is currently selling for 70+, well over 3x the price of volatile life where I am at, though your server may vary.

    Finally, if you use embersilk (and everyone will get some) to level first are insane! That stuff seems as rare as hens teeth and it'll sell for 10g+ per cloth - bandages can wait!