Saturday, 25 December 2010

Hark! Hear the Wails!

Merry Christmas!
And merry Winterveil :-)
I'm quite sure you've already heard this, but it's great so I'll post it here:

I'll put for you also the lyrics, even if they already appear at the end of the video (I prefer to have them while I'm listening than when I'm finished):

Hark!Hear the bells,Sad silver bells.
In Lordaeron but they are gone.
Arthas he came,Man of great fame
To the old throne,All made of stone
Ding-Dong-Ding-Dong,That is our song.
No more ringing,and so we sing.
Killed Father dear,Thus no more cheer.
Details are vague,But brought the plague.
Wish they would sound,Bells on the ground.
Through the city,Quite a pity.
Dead sleepping deap,And so we weep
No more ringing,and so we sing
There is no joy in the veil of Winter
There is no joy in the veil of Winter
On,on they send,to our end
Chimes from the past are fading fast
Hark hear the bells,Sad silver bells
All seem to say, Thou we betray
On,on they send , to our dark end
Chimes from the past our fading fast

Oxhorn has made a lot of other videos about WoW, and they're really funny... So, if you really didn't know this yet, go and check his youtube page.

You see? I can't make a post totally without content even at Christmas ^_^

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