Thursday, 23 December 2010

Other informations about Vial of the Sands

Hi, some times ago I published a post about [Vial of the Sands] not being BoP anymore (From BoP to BoE: Vial of the Sands). Today, while I was reposting some gems, I saw a guy in trade that was selling [Vial of the Sands], and I thought it was a good opportunity to ask him about it.

I'll start saying something you can easily find between the last hotfixes (it wasn't worth a post of is own, but now that we're talking about this...): [Canopic Jar],which contains the recipe of [Vial of the Sands], has changed color and is now white, not grey [Canopic Jar]. That could help you not selling it between your junk, especially if you have some auto-selling addon.

Talking about the Canopic Jar, the guy who was selling the  [Vial of the Sands] clarified me two things:
  • Not every  [Canopic Jar] contains the recipe. He found his [Recipe: Vial of the Sands] in the 4th jar.
  • Once you max-level Archaeology you'll still won't be near your : the hard part begins then, because the Tol'vir digsites share their respawn with the whole Kalimdor. i.e., after you finish a digsite in Uldum, the next digsite could spawn in Ashenvale and give you Night Elves fragment and not Tol'vir ones... And you'll have to take those artifact (and/or those of the other sites spawned in the continent) to have a chance of a digsite respawning in Uldum.
So, be prepared to really long hours of farming. This alchemist told me he farmed 15 hours every day for 4 days to get it's recipe... Well, this could also mean that you'll be able to start a monopoly in your server, since I don't see lot of people having this recipe very soon.

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