Saturday, 18 December 2010

Pyrite Ore now prospectable at 500 Jewelcrafting skill

Actually, it has been so for two days now: the change happened on December the 16th:

Anyway, it's worth talking about it for those who didn't already know, since prospecting [Pyrite Ore] can grant you huge amounts of money, depending on your server's economy.
This is because every 5 ores you prospect you'll get 1-3 [Volatile Earth], which on most servers is enough to totally repay the Pyrite and even have some golds left. And this before selling the gems, raw or not!

Obviously, this is very server-dependent, so you should check carefully the AH to see if this is a good opportunity for you. Compare the price of a stack of [Pyrite Ore] to the price of 8 [Volatile Earth]. If they're similar, you can safely buy the Pyrite.

Talking about raw gems, remember that the blue gems we have today are (just for now) the "equivalent" of the purple gems in the last expansion: they're the best available, and they're the ones we'll cut for profit for some other time... So, try not to dump them crazily, thinking they'll loose value: I suppose that there are even server in which their prices will raise as more people will sell cut gems to the top players... On my server that already happened, with prices rising from 30g to 60g for the raw gems (I made a nice profit from that, but I didn't talk about it until now because I wasn't sure of the outcome).
It may be worth noting that, even if now we only have blue gems, sooner or later we'll also get purple ones, and when that will happen, we will be prospecting  [Pyrite Ore] for them... So if something crazy happens on your server and Volatile Earth greatly drop in price while you still have some  [Pyrite Ore] to prospect, you may want to keep them in ore form waiting... Just don't start to stockpile now, because it will take a long time before we have those purples, and prices of  [Pyrite Ore] can still drop.

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