Friday, 29 April 2011

Trion announced when the Event Merchants will depart!

Trion finally said clearly how much time we have to spend Otherwordly Sourcestone!

  • the Otherworldly Sourcestone gift must be spent before 12am PDT on 10th May, 2011, when the Event Merchants will depart!

If you missed it (I'm sure you haven't), remember to check the mail of all your characters created before Wensday, 20th April... Even if they didn't take part in the River of Soul event, they'll recive a gift pack with some goodies and 250x[Otherworldly Sourcestone]

Saturday, 9 April 2011

Another Rift Free Trial Code!

HAs I preannounce, here you have another Rift Free Trial Code for this week-end!

Ally Code:

As the last one, this code can be redeemed by five people, and will let you download the client and play from 10am PDT April 8, 2011 throught 10am PDT April 11, 2011... so some of the time has already been "consumed"

You can visit for instructions on how to apply this Ally Code.

Friday, 8 April 2011

New Look

All the old World of Warcraft pages have been moved to a "container page", to make some space for the Rift ones... Also, since images from Rift where looking very odd on the old version of the blog, I've changed it to something else.

This evening I could get another Rift Free Trial Code... It will still be valid from 10am PDT April 8, 2011 throught 10am PDT April 11, 2011, so it will be partially "used"... But that's better than nothing!
If you have a Rift Free Trial Code for this week-end event and you want to share it, please do it in the comment section!
You'll probably won't use it (if, like me, you've taken all the people you wanted to the Rift's side of things), but someone out there could be looking just for that!

Thursday, 7 April 2011

Remaining on Rift + Another Rift Free Trial Code!

Hi again!
First I waited a few weeks to be sure, then another few days to avoid this announcement was taken as an April's Fool. As you've seen, my blog has been quite dead in the last month, and this is because I'm not playing World of Warcraft anymore.
I don't have time for both games, and Rift has the great ability to be casual-friendly without being repetitive. When I started playing Rift: Planes of Telara I was sure the rifts themselves would become boring after a while... I was totally wrong.
The impact rifts have on the game is great: it's by no means just a way to farm some kind of currency, but something that dynamically changes your quest-flow. You log in to do something, and most of the time the world is different from when you left it (unless you're parked in your faction main city... but even then, you could have some invaders at his entrance).
The game itself is incredibly polished and tended by a caring developing team, which is releasing patches at a steady pace, addressing the few issues left and adding more content (like the River of Souls in patch 1.1!).

I still don't feel confident enough in my knowledge of the game to give you great tips, but I'll use my blog to let you know about what's happening and what others are writing, like in this great post by MissMediocre: On My Way To Becoming A Platinum Princess. MissMediocre is doing really a better job than me: I thought that keeping at 15-19 platinum while raising my professions was a great success for a level 34 character, but she totally proved me wrong!

Another reason to keep coming in this blog if you're interested in Rift are free codes to play for a few days in Rift (just if you aren't already playing)! I posted one of them a few days ago, and today I'm posting another one!

Here it is:

Ally Code

This code can be redeemed by five people, and will let you download the client and play from 10am PDT April 8, 2011 throught 10am PDT  April 11, 2011

You can visit for instructions on how to apply this Ally Code.

I'm quite sure Trion will release some more of these during the next weeks, and I'll keep giving them to you!
So, if you wasn't one of the lucky five who could redeem this code, keep looking at this blog for other codes! (or directly buy the game ;-) )

Thursday, 31 March 2011

Rift free trial

As some of you already know, I've become very fond of Rift lately.
Today Trion sent me (and, I suppose, everyone else) a code 5 people can redeem to get some free days on Rift: Planes of Telara... And I thought that, since I've been so silent, I owed you this:

Ally Code:

Event Dates: 10am PDT April 1, 2011 through 10am PDT April 4, 2011

You can visit for instructions on how to apply this Ally Code.

Keep in mind that only the first 5 will be able to redeem the code... Good luck!

Update: Added a new code here: Remaining on Rift + Another Rift Free Trial Code!

Wednesday, 23 February 2011

The Second Best Add-On for the AH

Today Cold published an interesting post on his blog about The Only AH Add-On Required... Well, actually on the Cold's Gold Factory there are interesting posts every day, but I wanted to talk about this one in particular.

For Cold, the only add-on you will never need is your brain. Well, I quite disagree: there is another fundamental add-on you should use (especially if you're really using only your brain): Pen and Paper.

Writing notes is fundamental, even when you're using a lot of add-ons: since you're the one inserting manually your notes, the old fashioned pen and paper (or even better: pencil and paper) is nearly free of data-pollution risks.

Writing things down helps reasoning, and makes visualizing a lot easier. You have to choose what to write and what not to write (you can't just mindlessly collect data as Auctioneer would do), so every time you take your pencil you're making decisions. Having to make decision is good.
You learn more by applying and deciding than just by watching.

I remember that in my first days on the AH I used just my brain, pencil, paper, rubber and sometimes a calculator. This was years ago, at the beginning of the BC, and I used to strongly refuse to download any kind of AH add-on. Years later I finally decided to start using add-ons more and it certainly made the AH easier and faster... But I'm quite sure those years weren't useless (and, well, glyphs didn't exist back then, so I didn't have to post those huge amount of different little things).

(BTW, in Rift I'll have to go back to those methods, since there aren't add-ons O.o)

Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Win a Pet with Ele-Mental Gold

For those who love pets, but don't want to pay real money for them, there is a great oppotunity to get one for free! You have a week to join the Ele-Mentalgold's Win A Pet Contest
To participate you just have to go there and make a comment answering the question: "What makes you such an avid collector of mounts or pets?"

Well, if you're going to participate you surely have an answer for that, don't you?