Friday, 29 April 2011

Trion announced when the Event Merchants will depart!

Trion finally said clearly how much time we have to spend Otherwordly Sourcestone!

  • the Otherworldly Sourcestone gift must be spent before 12am PDT on 10th May, 2011, when the Event Merchants will depart!

If you missed it (I'm sure you haven't), remember to check the mail of all your characters created before Wensday, 20th April... Even if they didn't take part in the River of Soul event, they'll recive a gift pack with some goodies and 250x[Otherworldly Sourcestone]


  1. Just got an email from them on this. I suppose I should log in....too much happening in WoW right now though. Not enough time in the day. Ugh.

  2. Well, if your alts are already in Meridian/Sanctum it shouldn't take you a lot of time :)

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