Thursday, 7 April 2011

Remaining on Rift + Another Rift Free Trial Code!

Hi again!
First I waited a few weeks to be sure, then another few days to avoid this announcement was taken as an April's Fool. As you've seen, my blog has been quite dead in the last month, and this is because I'm not playing World of Warcraft anymore.
I don't have time for both games, and Rift has the great ability to be casual-friendly without being repetitive. When I started playing Rift: Planes of Telara I was sure the rifts themselves would become boring after a while... I was totally wrong.
The impact rifts have on the game is great: it's by no means just a way to farm some kind of currency, but something that dynamically changes your quest-flow. You log in to do something, and most of the time the world is different from when you left it (unless you're parked in your faction main city... but even then, you could have some invaders at his entrance).
The game itself is incredibly polished and tended by a caring developing team, which is releasing patches at a steady pace, addressing the few issues left and adding more content (like the River of Souls in patch 1.1!).

I still don't feel confident enough in my knowledge of the game to give you great tips, but I'll use my blog to let you know about what's happening and what others are writing, like in this great post by MissMediocre: On My Way To Becoming A Platinum Princess. MissMediocre is doing really a better job than me: I thought that keeping at 15-19 platinum while raising my professions was a great success for a level 34 character, but she totally proved me wrong!

Another reason to keep coming in this blog if you're interested in Rift are free codes to play for a few days in Rift (just if you aren't already playing)! I posted one of them a few days ago, and today I'm posting another one!

Here it is:

Ally Code

This code can be redeemed by five people, and will let you download the client and play from 10am PDT April 8, 2011 throught 10am PDT  April 11, 2011

You can visit for instructions on how to apply this Ally Code.

I'm quite sure Trion will release some more of these during the next weeks, and I'll keep giving them to you!
So, if you wasn't one of the lucky five who could redeem this code, keep looking at this blog for other codes! (or directly buy the game ;-) )


  1. Since long before the game was released I tough I might try it, but didn't happen and probably never will.
    WoW and now Black Prophecy a new Space MMO takes all my time so I will pass Rift by.
    Because there are to many fantasy MMOs, I want more sci Fy ones :)
    But Rift is becoming a very polished game from what I have read so enjoy it at will mate.

  2. @Alberthus: Actually, I was sure that it would have been a SF MMO to drive me out of WoW... Enjoing Rift so much came to me as a surprise! At the beginning I just wanted to try it for the Open Beta, free of charge, but it took me so much that I just had to buy it and try it for the first month (included in the game), and then I wasn't done and needed to subscribe.

  3. So what class did you choose ?
    Now I am whit curiosity to learn more :)

  4. Cleric!
    I usually play with a friend, which is a Rogue with a spec that makes him really similar to an Hunter (I think the main souls are called Ranger and Marksman)...
    So I have a spec both for soloing and playing with him, based on the Justicar and Shaman soul (one is a tanking/support healing soul, the other a melee dps one) and an healing spec we use when we are fighting something which should be too hard for just two players: his pet tanks, and I heal it.
    Obviously this second spec is also useful in dungeons, but it's the first time I play an healer in my life, so I'm a bit shy about this.

    Other than that, I have a second character which is a Mage... I find it very funny to play, but it's still very low level (I want to max out the cleric first). It's an Elementalist/Pyromancer/Dominator, so it has a pet, makes good dps and has some CC. The pet and the CC make him really good for soloing.

  5. You have similar taste as me, so i am tempted to try Rift but I am afraid i might like it :)

  6. Thanks for the link Kreaton! I'll have to tell my brother to keep an eye on your blog, I know he's been trying to get his hands on a trial for Rift! :D

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