Saturday, 9 April 2011

Another Rift Free Trial Code!

HAs I preannounce, here you have another Rift Free Trial Code for this week-end!

Ally Code:

As the last one, this code can be redeemed by five people, and will let you download the client and play from 10am PDT April 8, 2011 throught 10am PDT April 11, 2011... so some of the time has already been "consumed"

You can visit for instructions on how to apply this Ally Code.


  1. Thanks took a long while of searching to scrounge one of these codes. Much appreciated.

  2. I'm happy to help ^^
    I'll keep posting similar codes every time I get one!

  3. Greatful! swtor credits Just apply to my interest!I will attention here forever.Best wishes!

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