Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Hardened Elementium Bar

Now that farming is becoming less and less useful, what can you do with mining to gain a little more?
Smelting, of course!
And the item lot of miners ignore don't care smelting, but with which you can make good money, is [Hardened Elementium Bar]. The cool thing is that, even if prices of [Elementium Ore] have gone down, those of [Hardened Elementium Bar] remained the same.
To produce an [Hardened Elementium Bar] you need 10x[Elementium Bar] and 4x[Volatile Earth]... So, basically, a stack of [Elementium Ore] and 4x[Volatile Earth].
Check if it's cheaper to buy the 10x[Elementium Bar] or the stack of [Elementium Ore] (and, obviously, check if the price of [Hardened Elementium Bar] is high enough to make you gain something! It can differ from server to server!) and smelt some [Hardened Elementium Bar]. It sells best in singles, since most recipes requires between 2 and 5 of it...
Nearly all the recipes that require [Hardened Elementium Bar] need also [Chaos Orb], so you're selling to wealthy players but you won't be able to sell a lot of [Hardened Elementium Bar] every day. Start making just a few of them (i like to make 5), and add new ones every time one sells.
With more and more people both getting in heroics and preparing to raid, this is a market that will only grow over time, and this is the time to start knowing it.

As a final note, I want to remember you that this is the last day you can send me your entries for the Best of the Month Blogging Carnival I'm hosting. Tomorrow I'll publish the results of the first edition, so you should hurry!

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