Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Sockets will be added on crafted epic gear

From the 4.0.6 PTR patch notes:
  • A socket has been added to all crafted epic armor pieces that did not already have one.

How does this affect you?
If you're crafting these epics, you should try to consider which impact may this have on your market.
Well this doesn't mean that prices on crafted epic armors will actually rise, but if you're having problems in selling this purples now, you should hope that this items will at least moving a little bit faster once the socket will make them more appealing.
After the first few weeks in which this items used to sell for huge amount of gold, the profit in crafting them has lowered. While an [Assassin's Chestplate] was a rarity at the end of the last year, I can see three of them up in the AH almost contantly on the AH of my server (and I fear it's always the same three)... and Leatherworkers and Blacksmith are constantly offering their service in trade, porviding orbs at ~1000g.
This patch won't change the supply, but could raise a little the demand. Items that are not moving now can start to move in the future, for the same prices, because with the ability to adapt more the items at the need of the buyer they will become closer to being BiS (excluding heroic raid gear (ilevel 379 beats 359 ;-P))...
Actually, some of those epics could become BiS, so try to follow closely the news related to those you can make!


  1. Don't forget about the jewelcrafting aspect too! More sockets = more gems = more sales!

    Of course, I've only thought about the JC aspect, not the potential for these items to sell better. I might try to snatch up a few of the cheaper ones to flip post-patch.

  2. I can see this helping JCs, but not really crafting classes.

    As if JCs needed more help.

    How about in addition to a random enchantment bonus on crafted gear, also a chance for a random BoP item?

  3. @Vince I wouldn't try to flip them, I think they won't rise in price a lot... Just move a little bit more... I hope! saying it short: "don't try this at home" ^^'''

    @Both: yes, I'm aware of the JC aspect, but since this items are still not very common I think there won't be such a huge raise in sales of gems... The news about the meta-gems that are being introduced in this patch are more important for JC, I think:

  4. This is interesting. I wonder if the base stats will be reduced at all or if just a socket will be added...

  5. My guess is that the base stats will be slightly reduced... Since they implemented the ilvl system they have tried their best to stick to it.
    Anyway, the ability to personalize more this items will make them more appealing.