Friday, 7 January 2011

Deepholme Potion

So, today I finally maxed out Alchemy on one of my alts (I could have done it before, but I was lazy and a friend of mine was already transmuting for me all the Shadowspirit Diamond I wanted) and I suddenly remembered something I rad about weeks ago.
If you live at Stomwind/Orgrimmar or in any of the new maps (being at the right level and having the portal to reach them in your main city) there is an item that is nearly a Hearthstone, and with an incredible CD: just one minute!
I'm obviously talking about [Potion of Deepholm], which will teleport you in Deepholm... Which is just a portal away from Stormwind/Orgrimmar.
To make this potion you need 525 Alchemy and just 5x[Heartblossom].
I'll personally keep 5 of these babies with me always, and I'm quite sure a lot of people would do this if they just knew about it... But, sadly, most people doesn't. In my server there isn't any Alchemist selling this and when I asked to my alchemist friends about these he was amazed... He didn't even notice this potion existed! When I pointed it to him he was amazed, and created some for himself.

How to sell [Potion of Deepholm]
So, what we have here is a Potion that most people would want, but of which most people don't know anything. What can we do about it? As Cold at Cold's Gold Factory has shown us with Mysterious Cards (in his Mysterious Cards Barking Tips) barking is the best selling strategy with item unknown to the public. Talking about barking, Cold made another post on the argument today, advising an add-on called AnnounceIt (click here for announceIt on Curse). Here it's Cold's review of the  AnnounceIt Add-on.
Wouldn't these make the recipe known also to the other Alchemists?
Yes, so you won't be the only one selling this potions... Which surely is bad, but still better than not selling because anyone knows about them!
One good thing is sure: since this recipe needs a  maxed out Alchemy skill, you won't be competing with people dumping potions made while leveling, but with people that still want to gain something... This should keep prices in a good range to gain something, you'll just have to watch out a bit more for undercutters.
I think that when most players will know the existence of this potion there will be a very high demand for it. Players are lazy. Even those who can work hard to get some achievement or down some boss avoid doing boring things as traveling every time they can. I can't see any player without some of those in the future.
And, talking about future, the price of [Heartblossom] is still falling, and will continue to do so. This potion could be, in the future, cheap enough for people to use them without really thinking about it.

Getting the mats
When lots of people want something and lots of people provide it, the profit margins of simply "buying the mats from the AH, crafting, putting the grafted item in the AH" can be greatly reduced by your competitors.
What you need is a good source of the mats you need, in these case the [Heartblossom].
The best think is finding someone that is willing to sell them to you in C.O.D. at a lower price than that of the AH. Doing this saves the farmer from paying the auction house cut and having to worry about competition in selling his goods and lowers your production costs. You can just ask in Trade if someone is willing to sell you the mats you need, or that you accept some mats in C.O.D. at some fixed price you choose... If you persist, you'll surely get some nice deals!

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