Friday, 28 January 2011

Best of the Month Carnival and JMTC

You thought I wouldn't come back? You were wrong!
I'm really sorry, but I really couldn't post anything in the past few days... These months are full of exams at my University, and I totally stopped living to better prepare for them!
I'm still really busy, but I'll try to start writing again.

What really gave me a shock was finding JMTC's Marcko talking about the Best of the Month Carnival in is last post... Even if without link, I'm quite sure he's talking about my "best of the month" ^_^
(well, maybe also about those of something else... if you host something similar, please comment this post with a link! I love this kind of things!)
So, today I'm just posting a brief reminder about the "Best of the Month Blogging Carnival" I'm holding this January. You have time until the 4th of February to send me your entries. You just need to choose your favorite post from this month (or make one, you still have a few days) edit it so it links to the page of the Best of the Month Blogging  Carnival and then send me an e-mail with a link to your post.
I'll post everything you send me on February the fifth... If you want to see how it went last month, here there is the Best of December.

See you tomorrow!

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