Saturday, 15 January 2011

New Enchanting Recipes

Today (well, actually two days ago, but I had some problems posting) I want to talk about the new Enchanting recipes that will be added to the game.

Here the news:
  • Three new enchants are available. They increase Agility by 50, Strength by 50, or Intellect by 50 respectively. Item level 300 or higher required. These new recipes are rare world drops.
  • Enchant Off-Handed - Superior Intellect now increases Intellect by 40
In this post I'll focus more on the first, but I thought it would be better to comment all the news regarding Enchanting in the same place.

The bracer enchants:
We can see the enchants with some more detail:

Enchant Bracer - Agility - Permanently enchant bracers to increase Agility by 50. Requires a level 300 or higher item.
Reagents: [Hypnotic Dust] x 12, [Maelstrom Crystal] x 2, [Volatile Air] x 15

Enchant Bracer - Major Strength - Permanently enchant bracers to increase Strength by 50. Requires a level 300 or higher item.
Reagents: [Hypnotic Dust] x 6, [Maelstrom Crystal] x 2, [Volatile Earth] x 25

Enchant Bracer - Mighty Intellect - Permanently enchant bracers to increase Intellect by 50. Requires a level 300 or higher item.
Reagents: [Hypnotic Dust] x 4, [Greater Celestial Essence] x 4, [Maelstrom Crystal] x 2, [Volatile Water] x 15

So they all are real high-level enchantment, with some really expensive mats. People will want to put this only on BiS items, which aren't easy to acquire. To this you should add that leatherworkes will want to enchant their bracer with their own Draconic Embossments, so you're loosing another bit of your audience just for that.
How are those worth for gold-making, then?
Well, we don't know yet the drop rates for these recipes, but the important thing is exactly the fact that these aren't learned from you trainer for some shard, but could actually be rare. I can see two scenarios:

  • The "rare" recipes are actually rare
The demand for this enchants will still be limited, but also the supply.
If you get one you'll be able to make some good profits especially in the first days/weeks (depending on the rarity)... Having some good raiding guilds in your server could drive the demand high enough to give you some really good profits, while in a young server with few raiding guilds you could just score few lucky sells.
These profits will lower while new recipes drops, but if you're fast you will already have made a good deal of gold. After a good number of enchanters has the recipe, you'll end up in the following scenario, as if the recipes weren't really a rare drop.
  • The "rare" recipes are common
If the recipes ends up dropping too well, you'll soon have too much competition than you want. Some guilds will even directly use their enchanters without any mats/gold going out of the guild (this will most likely happen in guilds that keeps the [Maelstrom Crystal] made during guild run). You won't be doing a lot of gold with this recipes right now, but you could still start doing some good profits when people start to gear from the second tier of raids: then [Maelstrom Crystal] will become cheaper, and most people will be able to buy the enchant.

Another thing to consider: high-end guild on your server
As you can see from the previous scenarios, having High-end guilds on your server could change things quite a bit. It's your duty to know what kind of player inhabits your server and which are its top guilds. If you're friend of some of the player of a big raiding guild you could check if they have an enchanter with these recipes, and in case they haven't one (and you are one), you can offer to work for them at a price. This could mean skipping the AH cut and the /2 barking.

The Off-Hand enchant:
It seems that instead of giving a new good enchant for caster staffs, blizzard decided to nerf the too-good Off-Hand enchant.
If you're stockpiling cheap Cataclysm scrolls, stop buying [Enchant Off-Hand - Superior Intellect],unless you want to risk in hope that blizzard changes its mind... but I don't thing this will happen... I strongly advice against that. If you have some of these scrolls, I think you should dump them.
In any case, you now have the informations you needed to make your choice.

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