Saturday, 5 February 2011

Best of January

Here we are again for January's Best of the Month Blogging Carnival!
If you're a blogger and you missed this chance, remember that you can submit an entry for February as soon as you have a post you love to submit as an entry... Check the rules at the Best of the Month Blogging Carnival page!
Now, let's see what this month has brought us:

The Auctioneer Hot Spot In New Orgrimmar, form Cold's Gold Factory
New Orgrimmar

You aren't still basing your auctioneering operations in the near front gate of Orgrimmar are you? The front gate commerce area in the new Orgrimmar era is one of the least efficient areas to use as your base of operations since Cataclysm. It is really bad compared to my new favorite area. (Read More)

TradeSkillMaster Glyph Crafting Part 1 & 2, from Ele-Mental Gold
(Instead of showing you the first lines of the posts, I'll put here a table of contents. Kreaton)
TradeSkillMaster Glyph Crafting Part 1
What is TradeSkillMaster?
Configuration Part 1
TradeSkillMaster Glyph Crafting Part 2
Managing Crafts
Shopping and Adjusting Prices
Finishing the Crafting Steps
Posting Configuration and Groups
Adding Items to Groups

Cata Darkmoon Cards- Fighting Competition with Singles? This is the Time to Buy! from ALTOs Gold"ish" Advice- The Worst WoW Blog Ever!
Last night, while I was selling a bunch of Mysterious Fortune Cards, I hit the AH, and I noticed a few things. One, when I searched the quest tab, there were a TON of cards listed, even more than normal (there are alot of Scribes on my server). So I started typing. Of Waves. Of Embers. Of Stones. Of Winds. And to my surprise, I was able to pick up a few items... (Read More)

Profit Margins: "Go Big or Go Home" or "Slow and Steady", from Bank of Wukam
This is an issue that troubled me quite a bit when I first started getting into serious jewel crafting for profit toward the end of LK. Since I was buying the uncut gems and not prospecting for them (I'm not sure it was profitable to prospect Titanium Ore for epics) I often ran into problems when the cut gem was selling for maybe 10-15g more than the uncut. I would usually just ignore that gem completely and focus on the ones that sold for a wider profit margin. However... (Read More)

I want to tell you about some of my favourite addons for buying, selling and keeping track of my auctions and gold making online.

1. Auctioneer
Download from Curse addons at
The grand-daddy of them all, Auctioneer is modular, and lets you download the entire suite or just the parts that you need. It keeps track of auction data, makes the auction house easier to use and navigate, lets you search for items, sell, check prices, everything! (Read More)

Kill Some Critters, Get A Critter!, from Miss Mediocre
Though I hate to encourage the slaughter of innocent bunnies, squirrels, sheep, cats, and all those other cute little critters scampering about Azeroth, I love pets. Offer me an Armadillo Pup companion, and I’ll slaughter 50,000 critters with a smile on my face! Well, maybe not a smile, but I’ll at least do it... (Read More)

Coattail Surfing, from Player Vs Auction House
Being a highly successful auctioneer is a lot of work. It is all about risky venture capitalism, identifying nascent markets, tapping into hitherto untapped fonts of wealth, cultivating your own army of farmers, constant awareness of breaking-news patch notes, daily (or hourly) scanning of the AH, commercial espionage of your competition, and occasionally downright sabotaging of said competition.(Read More)

Why I make Gold? My story, from Trading with Zoxy
For me MMOs started when LOTR came out I had played games like Baldurs Gate and the such but never got into a MMO until some mates from work asked me to join them and play LOTR . I Really enjoyed the Crafting aspect and Worked out a way to make a lot of gold with my top level professions... (Read More)


  1. Thank you so much for including me in the list, I try and keep up to date with your blog. How are you doing with the new patch?

  2. The new patch was great! I'm gaining tons of money with little effort, just from selling red gems (and some volatile life)...
    Real life hurt me badly, thought :(
    I've got a bad flu and I have a fever... I can't concentrate on anything for more than some minutes. It's all I need for the AH right now, but it's not good for my blog. And I won't be able to give an exam next week before of this :(