Thursday, 3 February 2011

Getting rid of what I had

This is a follow-up from my post What should I do?.... I wanted to report what I did with all that material (well, not all... let's say one third of it)... For those of you who wonder how having problems with this is possible, look at Zoxy's "What should I do?" post... Yes, Zoxy had my same problem, as many others! It's funny we choose the same name for our posts ^_^ I posted just ten days earlier, so this is clearly a problem of these weeks.

I'm still drowning in a huge amount of gems, but things actually started working great. What really did the trick is this comment from Altolycus, from ALTOs Gold"ish" Advice- The Worst WoW Blog Ever!:
What has also worked for me is checking the opposite faction and seeing the prices over there. Normally, the major farmers hit one side and not the other. 
I know I should have thought about it, but sometimes the most obvious solution are the most difficult to find!
I sent to my Horde toon 15 stacks of [Greater Celestial Essence], 10 stacks of [Hardened Elementium Bar] and a lesser quantity of some other things (two stacks of [Hypnotic Dust], a Darkmoon Fair  card of which I had three and the usual pets). My alt didn't have a lot of gold, just 3k (I had transfered some expensive items the other way round just days before). Next evening it had 25k, and I didn't had sold half of what I had sent. [Greater Celestial Essence] where going for ~80g each (40g Alliance side),  [Hardened Elementium Bar] for nearly 200g (120g Alliance side). Prices dropped a bit in the following days, so acting by without checking Horde's AH for sometime actually did me good. Prices are still a bit higher than in the Alliance, and things move faster.
This gave me the ability of smelting nearly all the Elementium I had left (I just have other 50 stacks in Ore form now) and made me trust disenchanting a bit more.
What I'm doing is keeping selling hardened elementium bars, but now to both faction... That's a lot quicker!

So, thanks Altolycus!

Dailies aren't enough to get rid of [Nightstone], [Zephyrite] and [Jasper], and I still hadn't time to craft all the [Jasper Ring] I should... When I have some spare time I cut a bunch of [Zephyrite] and sell them to the vendor. If some "Perfects" proc, I try to sell them on the AH, no more than two at a time (I vendor the others. No way I'll keep all of them in my bag).

[Alicite] Is the worst so far, since [Alicite Pendant] don't sell at any price (at least on my server). [Alicite] is consistently put in the AH under the vendor price of the cut version... Usually around 8g 50s, but I'm not buying them since the work of cutting and vendoring is quite long and boring even considering just the [Alicite] I already have.
[Hypnotic Dust] is going for 10g, and not selling very well. Since [Alicite Pendant] really don't sell, I still don't think crafting [Alicite Pendant] would be great. There isn't really a lot of profit I can make from them.
The same applies to [Jasper Ring], but since the [Jasper Ring] already repay themselves ([Jasper] is aroung 9g on my server, while [Hypnotic Dust] is sold at 10g each), I don't have any problem in crafting them.

I still have a big amount of [Shadowspirit Diamond], but they're starting to sell (both cut and raw)... I get 10k just this night from selling them. I started whispering to other seller searching those who will agree not to undercut me if I post things exactly at the same price they are posting them, making them doing the same for me. Some of them actually thanked me! I now have to be less vigilant on the AH and this actually helped my sanity a lot.
I'm selling some [Shadowspirit Diamond] every day, for prices that can vary a lot... from 140g to 330g!

I haven't tried engineering pets yet, since I don't have an engineer alt. I should have started to work with a friend of mine (the same that helps me cross-trading), but we were both quite busy in the last days.

It also seems that botters are having an hard time now, due to some hotfixes made by Blizzard... This could very well reduce my problems if the AH stops to be flooded by raw mats. I'm actually still seeing some gold-farmers, but surely less than before (this supposing that people with name composed by twelve random character are gold-farmers).
I have still a lot of [Obsidium Ore] stockpiled, so this would really be great!

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  1. Thanks! Happy to see it worked for you, and you found a new market to get your cap on! Now if you don't mind, I have something else (if you aren't already doing it)....

    Keep track of both sides (every few days, I recommend to check on tues, thurs, and sat- as those are your major "sale" times- 5p and midnight if you can) and post then, as that will be the highest markup times. The off days are the days you want to search for "opposite flips" to your main on Ally.

    You might utilize the "AH farmer" aspect as well, finding one on "the dark side", it will help on moving your product, and you will spend less time searching for prices. Give them a nice cut (10-20%), and you will have a viable buyer without spending too much time on that toon.

    Once again, glad to see my advice helped!

  2. Hey Kreaton - one thing to keep in mind when assessing the profitability of the crafting->De portion of the Obsidium Shuffle is that you will proc rares. The proc rates is about 10%, and these can typically go for 150g/each and up. If dust is sitting at 10g on your server, I'd be all over Alicite Pendants.

    Also pay attention to how you're looking at the price of dust. Dust moves fast. A single buyer will often grab 5 stacks. I don't even pay attention to the people who post singles. I put mine up in stacks of 10, and undercut anybody who has a stack of 10 or more posted. The lowest auction may be 7.5g/each, but I'll post mine at 11g/each because I know how quickly these move.

    Posting too much dust at an undercut of the lowest auction (single) will only drive the prices down. Trade Skill Master has some sweet setting that allow you ignore auctions that are stacked less than a certain threshold, when undercutting.

  3. @Altolycus:
    I'm already doing that, but it's a great tip really worth mentioning! Thanks again!

    As for Alicite Pendant, it would be great if it was the case in my server!
    I'm quite sure what you say is working for everyone, since this is the fourth time I have to repeat myself: in my server Alicite Pendants *don't sell* (I suppose nobody believes me ^_^'''').
    I'd really like if they would! é_è

    The only profitable blue procs in my server are those of ilvl 325...

    If I'll write other posts on this topic I'll recommend to check how things are going on other servers for Alicite Pendant, since I know it's really a great way to do golds for a lot of people (I've seen a lot of blog talking about that).

    Good tip about Hypnotic Dust... I was actually already doing this, but never thought about it that way! ^_^
    I wasn't using this functionality of TSM, either. I'll try it (the setting) soon! (that addon is great)